Building Dynasty Years 1958 - 1959

Cartierville Boating Club

Bossy Kids at Regatta 1958 NEW
Browns at Club 1958NEW
C4-Swamped at Lachine 1958 NEW
Junior War at Otterburn 1958NEW
Senior War at Regatta 1958 NEW
Angus Vince Leo Swimming 1958 NEW
Lachine and Carts C-4s Otterburn 1958 NEW
George Bossy at Ottawa 1958 NEW
Juvenile C-4 Comolli Capt. 1958NEW
Paddlers Readying for Trip 1958NEW
Otterburn Regatta Photo 1958NEW
C-4s at Regatta 1958NEW
Jim Allen Ready for Trip 1959NEW
Club House circa 1958 NEW
Lachine Tandem 1958
Juvenile Crew Standing 1958
Juvenile War 1958
Junior C-4 1958
Junior C4 Race at Dominions 1958
Championship Crests 1958
Championship Medals 1958
Carts at Otterburn Shoreline 1958
Regatta Official at Otterburn 1958
George Bossy at Ottawa 1958
Danny Bossy C-1 1958 NEW
Dave Brown in K-1 1958
Dave Brown in Kayak 1958
Gerry Hill Juvenile C-1 1958
Paul Stahl New Boat 1958
Rice and Brown K-2 1958
Danny Bossy and Dave Brown C-2 1958
Paddlers Rest at Regatta 1958
Weedy and Dave with Trophies 1958
Weedy Pulling War Canoe 1958
Senior War Canoe 1958
George and Dick - 1958
Group Picture 1958
We Won the Burgee 1958
Burgee Champs 1958
Tennis Court 1958
Carts Celebrate 1958 Championship
North American K4 1958
Paddlers Await Bus to Otterburn 1958
Paddlers with Flag at Lachine 1958
Paddlers on Grass at Club 1958
Paddlers at Water Edge Regatta 1958
Paddlers in Stands at Regatta 1958
Johnny Comolli 1959
Sketch Fred and Johnny 1959
Bob Kay and Gerry Hill 1959
Kay and Hill Champs 1959
C-4 Champs 1959
Juvenile C-4 1959
Juvenile C-4 #2 1959
Juvenile War Canoe 1959
Frank Csaki Junior C-1 1959
Frank Csaki C-1 1959
Paul Stahl C-1 1959
Danny Bossy C-1 1959
Hinton and Steppacher C-2 1959
Junior War at Cartierville Regatta 1959
George Bossy Sr C-1 1959
Senior War Canoe 1959
Danny, Leo and George - 1959
Dave Danny and Al 1959
Mike Bossy and Caretaker 1959
Group Picture 1959
Sportsman Assoc. Dinner - 1959
Junior C-4 in Rough Water 1959NEW
Junior K-2 at Cartierville 1959NEW
Juvenile C-4 Radford 1959NEW
Members Relax Near Shacks 1959NEW
Weedy with Wife and New One 1959NEW
Senior Members Celebrate 1959NEW

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