CBC Paddlers- 1964

1st Row L to R: Mike Dechevrier, Robert Cristel, Chris Bossy, Dave White, Jamie Scribner, Barry Cleven, John Keith, Brian Dechevrier, Steve Radford, John Zawilski, Mike Bossy and ?
2nd Row L to R: Borden Bossy, Lloyd Scribner, Ott Cleven, ? Berna, ?, Arthur Foreman, Lou Lukanovich, Frank Csaki, Roy Declerc, Nicky Pascal, Dave Brown, Tom Babcock and Jill Leclerc
3rd Row L to R: Karen Karbin, Bobby Glasgow, Bill Robert, Neil Bacon, George Wallace, Andre Vaillancourt, Bob Kay, Andy Kasper, Tommy Edge, Pat Bossy, Bryce Liberty, Bernie Cote, Brian Norris, Don Bossy, Buster MacGegor, Ian Hale, Jean Vaillancourt, David Keith, Gary Marsh, Pierre Bertrand, Barclay Allen and Brian Barton
4th Row L to R: Peter Savard, Peter Radford, Billy Wright, Russ Attrill, Roddy Bossy, Stuart Smith, Fred Heese, Norbert Heese, Don Spellar, Ian Hector, Rolf Kinskoffer, Dawson Campbell, Peter Cleven, Brian Smiley, Art Bouchard, Mike MacNamara, Jimmy Edge, Michel Hebert and Ken Klaus