CCA Champs

1st row L to R: Gregory Gard, M. Miller, Ken Mines, R. Ross, L. Courville, Eric Hinton, Barclay Allen, Jimmy Edge, Tommy Edge, J. Russell and Stewart Smith
2nd Row L to R: R. Dick, Johnny Comolli, F. Latourelle, Don (Scotty) McGee, George Wallace, Graham Wragg, Nicky Jackson, Maurice Richard Jr., Michael Leger, Don McDuff, John Fleming, Peter Radford, Michael Roseberry & Peter Jort
3rd Row L to R: R. Brassard, Yves Nadeau, Harry Brown, C. Phalen, Brian Gregor-Pearse, Angus Birse, John Szaraz, George Bossy, Bruce Hoskins, Wilf Simon, Vince Ramsay, Lucien Robert, Frank Henneberry, Bobby Jort & Frank Csaki
4th Row L to R: Peter Van Toorn, Fred Heese, M. Lortie, Gilles Boisjoly, Dick Hinton, Avard Edwards, J. Monk, Wayne Thatcher, R. Nolan, Paul Stahl, Michael Brown, Danny Bossy, Lorne Caulfield, Guy Bourdeau, Gordie Parnell, Norbert Heese, Peter Gzowski & Tom Henneberry
5th Row L to R: Eric Karbin, D. Duchesne, G. Vanasse, Ron Coffin, Jim Taylor, Russell Corbett, Roy Declerc, Nicky Pascal, Billy Line, Ralph Benson, Ken Rice, Evan White, Ralph Woodman, Billy Wright, Bobby Kay, Bob Dickson & Lou Lukanovich
6th Row L to R: Billy Robert, J. Pepper, Andre Duplesis, M. Cote, Gerry Hill, Jacques Gagner, John McVicar, Ted Lumsden, Leo Bossy, Bobby Buttars, David Yorston, Richard White, Alec Pascal, Buster Leger, Bob (Peanuts) Hardon, David Brown, Allan Mcleery, Dennis Hemmings, Bryan Lynch and Ian Smith