Club Champs 1961

First Row L to R: Buster Leger, L. Courville, Nicky Pascal, ?, ?, Stuart Smith, ?, ?, Don Speller, Jimmy Edge, Ian Hector, Don Bossy, Brian Norris, ?, Pat Bossy, Tommy Edge, David Keith, D. Daley, and ?.
Second Row L to R: ?, Ralph Woodman, Peter Radford, Eric Hinton, Billy Line, John Szaraz, George Bossy, Roy Declerc, Angus Birse, Dave Brown, Jimmy Allan,
Bryan Gregor-Pearse, Bobby Buttars, Vince Ramsay, Ralph Benson, Bob (Peanuts) Hardon, Evan White, Michael Roseberry and ?.
Third Row L to R: Maurice Richard Jr., Avard Edwards, Andy Elbert, ?, Henry Roy, Yves Nadeau, Guy Bourdeau, Dick Hinton, Rolf Kinskoffer, Scotty MaGee,
Gerry Hill, Michael Brown, Lou Lukanovich, Gordie Parnell, Norbert Heese, Ian Smith, Mike Leroux, Dennis Hemmings, Billy Robert, Eric Karbin, ?, Gregory Gard,
Neil Bacon, Frank Csaki, and Barclay Allan.
Back Row, L to R: Paul Stahl, Danny Bossy, Richard White, Jimmy Berecz, Leslie Csukor, Tommy Dienstman, Andre Duplesis, ?, Don MacDuff, Johnny Comolli,
Fred Heese, Tom Hennebury, Billy Wright, George Wallace, ?, Art Dufays, Mike Jean, Russel Corbett, Bobby Kay, Pete Leroux, Russ Atrill, Adam Bucci, ?, Lionel Comolli, and Tom Babcock