100th Anniversary Celebration

Cartierville Boating Club

The McCleerys - 100th
Ian Hale with Bossys - 100th
Frank Csaki - 100th
Dorothy and Roddy - 100th
Bob Kay and Gerry Hill - 100th
The Csakis - 100th
George with Knights - 100th
Lou Lukanovich - 100th
Lou and Al K-2 - 100th
Pat and Lyse Bossy - 100th
Richard White 100th
Lou Toth - 100th
Picnic Table Gang - 100th
Bill and Brian in C-2 - 100th
Bob Kay under Tree - 100th
Charles and Gang - 100th
Brian and Ian - 100th
Brian and Bill with Medals - 100th
Chris with Kim and Mario - 100th
The Dorothys - 100th
Dorothy and Gang - 100th
Peter and Frank - 100th
Brian and Sharon - 100th
Kay and Hill - 100th
George and Peter - 100th
The Bacons - 100th
War Canoe Winners - 100th
Madelaine and Josee - 100th
30+ C-4 Winners - 100th
Commodore Salute - 100th
Bossys and Others - 100th
Mario in K1 - 100th
Maureen and Leo - 100th
The Roxboro Gang - 100th
Sherry and Peter M. - 100th
The Dorothys - 100th
The Young Bossys - 100th
Jean and Edith - 100th
Bossys and Csakis - 100th
Bossy Tandem - 100th
Leo and Gang - 100th
Chris, Corky and Pat - 100th
Chis and Pat Bossy - 100th
Bobby Buttars and Leo - 100th
The Browns and Leo - 100th
Bobby, Mike and George - 100th
Al and Brian - 100th
Al and Brian Congrats- 100th
30+ C-4 Winners - 100th
50+ 2nd Place C-4 - 100th
Bob, Dave and Ralph - 2004
Dave, Roddy, Bob, and Angus - 2004

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