CANMAS Champs - 2003

Viking Team (with many former Cartierville Alumni) - 2003 CANMAS Champions
Front Row L to R: Bill Robert, Maureen Hossack, Romano Desantis and Dave Hossack
2nd Row L to R: ?, Jean Vaillancourt, Michel Pepin, Ray Cardinal, Peter Biller, Wilma Weimer, Lou Lukanovich, Jean Lukanovich, ?, ? and Brian Norris
3rd Row L to R: Hans Weimer, Steve King, ?, Louis Croteau, ?, ?, ?, Jennifer Murphy, ?, ?, and Jean Gadbois
4th Row L to R: Charles Dionne, Carl Decarie, Brian Morin, Ed Clark, ?, ?, ?, Anne Marie Dupras, Lucie Guay, ?, and ?