Otterburn Regatta 1959

Regatta scene in front of Otterburn Club-house circa 1959
Ralph Benson front left with Roy Declerc behind him.....continuing in the front 'row' Norbert Heese, Don MacDuff with shirt over Carts uniform, then Ken Rice,
then maybe John Yorston, Barclay Allen, unkown with sailor hat, Billy Robert eating, Ted Lumsden with dark glasses and Suzanne Stahl in striped blouse
Next 'row': Tommy Edge almost hidden by Gregory Gard with white hat, maybe 2 Bossy kids, Scotty McGee sitting, Harvey Thompson, David Yorston, ....Ray Nolan with arms folded
Top 'row': Ron Steppacher with Ken Mines behind him and Rolf Kinskoffer in all-white