Brian and  Wilma

Brian Norris, receives Weimer trophy award from Wilma Weimer.
Brian was a prominent Cartierville paddler for many years winning C-2 at the Canadian and North American Championships
He now coaches and paddlers masters level at the Viking Club in the Laurentians
The Wiemer award is awarded to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the Viking Club. Celebrating his 20th year of membership with Viking, Brian has been responsible for the creation and the coaching of the Master canoe program and when it has been required he has stepped in and assisted with the Canoe Kids program, with the Youth Program and also co-coached the Competitive Dragon Boat program. His passion for the sport has kept the Adult program alive during years when canoe paddlers at Viking were few and far between. In 2010 when the Bear Mountain arrived at the Club and 4 women dragon boat paddlers expressed a desire to start canoeing Brian met the challenge with enthusiasm and with (much) patience. To this day, that patience is still there (and often required). Thanks to his tireless efforts, the Master canoe program at the Club has become successful even if attendance remains small; and, testament to that is our canoe results at CanMas. At CanMas in 2011, Brian was awarded the Mens Canoe Award for his contribution to the sport and to our Club. Brian's generosity towards Viking is boundless. He pays for his membership and program fees (as a coach, he does not have to) and at his insistence he is only reimbursed gas money for his coaching as another means of helping the Club financially, He has donated several out-of-pockets purchases to Viking, along with countless volunteer hours. He's proactive in reviewing the paddling program equipment needs and in small repairs that he is able to tackle on his own. The commitment that he has - to the Club and to the sport is what epitomizes the Wiemer Award and for that the Viking Canoe & Kayak Club is proud that Brian Norris is the 2020 recipient.