Mike Rosebery Mike Rosebery

Notice of Mike's passing, October 16, 2019

Mike came from an impressive British family that immigrated to Canada in 1956. The family soon after joined the Club; so, Michael paddled at the Club from 1958 through to 1966
racing in team boats with a lot of his buddies he grew up with at the Club during the Club's most successful years.
Michael also skied with the Cartierville gang in St. Sauveur in the Laurentians. He was very strong academically: won a prize at MCHS upon graduation having gotten
the highest mark in the province in Chemistry! Starting at 16, at McGill, he studied English Literature & History; later took on post-graduate studies in Education at Bishop's.
One of the biggest influences in his life, and never forgotten, was the influence of training, competition and team work at CBC under George Bossy.
He was convinced it was that which enabled him to succeed in his own business.
In his later years Michael and his wife, Claudia, had a great store of very happy memories of the Cartierville Boating Club.

Mike Rosebery

Photo: Mike Rosebery