David Yorston passed away on Monday of this week (January 10th) in Dartmouth, NS. He had suffered from complications related to vascular dementia in recent years.
Dave was a key member of the CBC in the late 50's and early 60's. Together with Roy DeClerc, Avard Edwards and Gordie Parnell, he stroked the winning C-4 crew
at the 1960 North-American Canoe Championships held in Washington D.C. Dave also stroked Angus Birse's 1960 CBC Junior War Canoe, pictured below,
which won Canada's 'Dominion Championships' that year.
Dave Yorston as stroke
After his paddling career, he had an extraordinary run as a member of the 'Newlanders' folk-singing group, who performed across Quebec; New England; the Maritimes;
Ontario and ultimately on a BBC-TV series in London, England with Gordon Lightfoot. Three members of that group were former CBC paddlers - Dave, Henri Roy and Gerry Hill.
Dave Yorston center
Newlanders website: Thenewlanders.ca
Subsequently, Dave left the financial sector in Montreal and moved his young family to Dartmouth, NS. He spent the next 30 years as a computer specialist
with Bell Canada's Nova Scotia operations. In retirement, he became a PC software expert and operator of genealogical websites. Gerry Hill says "David was also my cousin and my 'older but much wiser brother' on many occasions. He both encouraged me to get involved with the Boating Club in 1956... and invited me to the first ever get-together of the group that would become the Newlanders in July, 1960. His marvellous wife Irene passed several years ago. He is survived by his brother Michael of Beaconsfield, QC, his son Peter of Dartmouth, and daughter Gwen of Toronto; also, his granddaughter 'Megan' and his two great-grandchildren 'Lonnie' and 'Irene' all presently based in Ottawa."
David will be sorely missed by all.
January 12th 2022